Our mission is to provide high-quality hip-hop jewelry at a fair price.

Why ShopNiceIce?

We know what it’s like to have a bad experience shopping online for jewelry. We’ve received products that look nothing like the pictures on the site. The stones wouldn’t dance, and the cheap imitation gold would quickly fade. We’d contact the support team and receive no response. We heard the same things were happening to others too. We’ve even seen people’s skin turn green from their imitation jewelry. In fact, this happened to one of our friends while we were in line for a concert. This wasn’t right. We knew people deserved better. So we started our own hip-hop jewelry store that focuses on quality and authenticity. Authentic products, authentic photos, authentic reviews.

All our jewelry is plated multiple times over with 14k-18k gold. This means that our jewelry is skin friendly because real gold is touching your neck instead of the cheap metals most stores use. And because the gold is plated multiple times over, our jewelry lasts. Our iced pieces are flooded with clear, top quality stones that have an impressive shine in any light. Trust us, we don’t mess with any of that cheap imitation “gold” or those sloppily glued on rhinestones. If we don’t feel good wearing it all day, we don’t offer it.

But talk is cheap. So we offer a 30-day-returns policy and back our products with a 365-day warranty because we’re confident in the quality of our jewelry. If you experience any problems with your jewelry we’ll replace it, free of charge.

Don’t settle for less. You and your style deserve better.